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Human Services


General Information
The Strafford Human Services Department provides General Assistance to qualified individuals for basic living needs in accordance with N.H. R.S.A. 165 and the Town of Strafford General Assistance Guidelines and Basic Needs Policy. The Town of Strafford Welfare Guidelines was established to ensure that those residents who have a need for financial assistance can obtain funding from the Town in an appropriate manner. The objectives of these Guidelines are to provide assistance to those who qualify and to assist them in obtaining long-term financial security through other available resources.

Office Hours
Office hours are variable. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information

Human Services Department
PO Box 23
Center Strafford, NH 03815

Human Services Department
Strafford Town Hall
12 Mountain View Drive
Strafford, NH 03884

Phone: (603)664-2192 ext 108
Email: officeassist@strafford.nh.gov


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