About Strafford

Welcome to Strafford, New Hampshire!

Established in 1820, Strafford is a charming rural town nestled in the southeastern region of NH, conveniently situated between Portsmouth and Concord. Spanning over 50 square miles, Strafford boasts a rich array of natural resources and abundant wildlife, encompassing diverse landscapes from Bow Lake to the scenic Blue Hills Range.

With a population of approximately 4,200 residents (2020 US Census), Strafford is primarily a residential community with a sprinkling of commercial and industrial properties. The town exudes a strong sense of community, fostered by local organizations and yearly events that unite residents.

Strafford proudly hosts essential amenities, including a Town Hall with an active local government, Strafford Fire & Rescue, Strafford PD, Strafford Post Office, Strafford Hill Library, Transfer/Recycling Center, and a K-8 public school. Additionally, the town features three churches, three cemeteries, a campground, a few small businesses, historic buildings, and several vibrant community organizations.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, we extend a warm invitation to enjoy all that Strafford has to offer. Embrace the beauty of our landscapes, embrace the community spirit, and savor the small-town charm that makes Strafford truly special.

Welcome to our treasured town!

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To learn more about Strafford’s History:
“A History of Strafford NH” (1995 Revised Edition) is available to purchase or check out at the Hill Library.
Strafford Historical Society Website: