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Town Offices Appointed & Elected

Boards & Commissions

Town Office NameAppointed or ElectedTerm Expires
Board of Selectmen - ChairLynn SweetElected2024
Board of SelectmenBrian MonahanElected2026
Board of SelectmenChris GarciaElected2025
Town AdministratorEllen WhiteN/A
Police Chief Randolph YoungAppointedN/A
Fire Chief, Health Officer, Emergency Mgt.Scott WhitehouseAppointedN/A
Town ModeratorRalph WegnerElected2024
Town ClerkTerri MarshElected2025
Deputy Town ClerkStephanie NortonAppointed N/A
Town Clerk AssistantElizabeth BuehneAppointedN/A
Tax CollectorJudith DupreAppointed N/A
Deputy Tax CollectorMartha EnglishAppointed N/A
Town TreasurerCindy CushingElected2025
Deputy TreasurerSharron HuckinsAppointedN/A
Supervisor of Checklist Carol CooperElected2024
Supervisor of Checklist Judith DupreElected2026
Supervisor of ChecklistMartha EnglishElected2028
LibrarianLarisa MolloyAppointedN/A
Library TrusteeLiza WitonisElected2026
Library Trustee - TreasurerJesse CopelandElected2024
Library Trustee - SecretaryLindsay AucellaElected2025
Library Trustee - AlternateMonique WhiteAppointed2024
Trustee of Trust FundsScott HodgdonElected2026
Trustee of Trust FundsCharles BurnhamElected2025
Trustee of Trust FundsJean Chartrand-EwenElected2024
Road Agent (As Voted-This position became appointed in 2023)Matthew MessengerAppointedN/A
Welfare OfficeSonja SmithAppointedN/A
Building InspectorDan HowardAppointed N/A
Building InspectorJoseph WhiteAppointedN/A
Conservation Commission ChairScott A YoungAppointed2024
Conservation CommissionRandall JacunskiAppointed2024
Conservation CommissionKerry OmandAppointed2025
Conservation CommissionMimi JostAppointed2025
Conservation CommissionSusan BarnesAppointed2026
Conservation CommissionMichael FerberAppointed2026
Conservation Commission AlternateElizabeth EvansAppointed2024
Planning BoardPhilip Auger - ChairElected2025
Planning BoardTimothy Reed - Vice ChairElected2024
Planning BoardCharles MorenoElected2026
Planning BoardTerry HylandElected2026
Planning Board AlternateDon CliffordAppointed2026
Planning Board AlternateSusan ArnoldAppointed2024
Planning Board AlternateDon CokerAppointed2025
Planning Board Selectmen RepresentativeLynn Sweet
Zoning Board - ChairAshley RoweElected2026
Zoning BoardAaron LeffElected2026
Zoning BoardAlison BrissonElected2024
Zoning BoardKatrina LabrecqueElected2025
Zoning BoardScott HodgdonElected2025
Zoning Board AlternateCharles BurnhamAppointed2024
Zoning Board AlternateJean Chartrand-EwenAppointed2024
Zoning Board AlternateGenny RizzottiAppointed2025