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Zoning Board of Adjustment

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Master Planning Information – HERE

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To Contact the Zoning Board of Adjustment:

Contact: Autumn Scott
Town Contract Planner
Strafford Regional Planning Commission
ALL inquiries can be sent to: landuse@strafford.org

Please reach out via email if you wish to schedule a phone appointment.

Zoning Board of Adjustment Business By Appointment Only

Notice of Land Use Board Fees Under RSA 673:16, III 

Leave all Applications with the Strafford Town Clerk (TC Hours Here)

Town of Strafford
ZBA Meeting Deadlines
(ZBA Meets 3rd Thursday of Month, As Needed)

Applicant Must Obtain Final Abutters List Deadline fo New Applications Deadline for Informal Discussion to be Added to Agenda Final Agenda Meeting (only held as needed, please call P&Z to confirm)


5 days prior to application deadline/28 days prior to meeting 21 days prior to meeting, by 5 pm

2 days prior to meeting

2 days prior to meeting
Meeting (only held as needed, please call P&Z to confirm)


Must obtain from official town records Submit to P&Z office and electronically Submit to P&Z office and electronically 2 public spaces (Town Hall, website) Town Hall


22-Dec-23 29-Dec-23 17-Jan-23 17-Jan-23 19-Jan-23
19-Jan-23 26-Jan-23 14-Feb-23 14-Feb-23 16-Feb-23
16-Feb-23 23-Feb-23 14-Mar-23 14-Mar-23 16-Mar-23
23-Mar-23 30-Mar-23 18-Apr-23 18-Apr-23 20-Apr-23
20-Apr-23 27-Apr-23 16-May-23 16-May-23 18-May-23
18-May-23 25-May-23 13-Jun-23 13-Jun-23 15-Jun-23
22-Jun-23 29-Jun-23 18-Jul-23 18-Jul-23 20-Jul-23
20-Jul-23 27-Jul-23 15-Aug-23 15-Aug-23 17-Aug-23
24-Aug-23 31-Aug-23 19-Sep-23 19-Sep-23 21-Sep-23
21-Sep-23 28-Sep-23 17-Oct-23 17-Oct-23 19-Oct-23
19-Oct-23 26-Oct-23 14-Nov-23 14-Nov-23 16-Nov-23
23-Nov-22 30-Nov-23 19-Dec-23 19-Dec-23 21-Dec-23

ZBA meeting dates are dependent on whether a meeting will be held that month, please check with Planning & Zoning to confirm.

Submissions are due on the preceding business day if Town Hall is closed.

Due date and publication date may be earlier due to holidays. Check with Planning & Zoning Office.

For assistance with application submission, please contact Autumn Scott at landuse@strafford.org.

Zoning Board of Adjustment MembersTerm Expires
Ashley Rowe - Chair2023
Aaron Leff2023
Alison Brisson2024
Katrina Labrecque2025
Scott Hodgdon2025
Ashley Leighton - Alternate2023
Jeffrey Sanita - Alternate2023
Charles Burnham - Alternate2024
Jean Chartrand-Ewen - Alternate2024
Genny Rizzotti - Alternate2025

Zoning Information Links:
2022 Zoning Book
2002 Master Plan

Current Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Agendas:
January 19, 2023 7pm