Town of Strafford
Planning Board Meeting Deadlines
(PB Meets 1st Thursday of Every Month)

Applicant Must Obtain Final Abutters List Deadline fo New Applications Deadline for New Materials or Revisions for Continuing Cases Deadline for Informal Discussion to be Added to Agenda Final Agenda Meeting


5 days prior to application deadline/28 days prior to meeting 23 days prior to meeting, by 5 pm 9 days prior to meeting (Tuesday) 2 days prior to meeting (Tuesday) 2 days prior to meeting (Tuesday) 1st Thursday of Every Month – 6:30pm


Must obtain from official town records Submit to P&Z Office and electronically Submit to P&Z Office  and electronically Submit to P&Z Office  and electronically 2 public spaces (Town Hall, Website) Town Hall


7-Dec-23 12-Dec-23 26-Dec-23 2-Jan-24 2-Jan-24 4-Jan-24
4-Jan-24 9-Jan-24 23-Jan-24 30-Jan-24 30-Jan-24 1-Feb-24
8-Feb-24 13-Feb-24 27-Feb-24 5-Mar-24 5-Mar-24 7-Mar-24
7-Mar-24 12-Mar-24 26-Mar-24 2-Apr-24 2-Apr-24 11-Apr-24
4-Apr-24 9-Apr-24 23-Apr-24 30-Apr-24 30-Apr-24 9-May-24
9-May-24 14-May-24 28-May-24 4-Jun-24 4-Jun-24 6-Jun-24
13-Jun-24 18-Jun-24 2-Jul-24 9-Jul-24 9-Jul-24 11-Jul-24
3-Jul-24 9-Jul-24 23-Jul-24 30-Jul-24 30-Jul-24 1-Aug-24
8-Aug-24 13-Aug-24 27-Aug-24 3-Sep-24 3-Sep-24 5-Sep-24
5-Sep-24 10-Sep-24 24-Sep-24 1-Oct-24 1-Oct-24 3-Oct-24
10-Oct-24 15-Oct-24 29-Oct-24 5-Nov-24 5-Nov-24 7-Nov-24
7-Nov-24 12-Nov-24 26-Nov-24 3-Dec-24 3-Dec-24 5-Dec-24