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Tax History & Payment

Tax Collector


Tax Payment History (from 2015-Present)CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my Escrow Company get the amount of my tax bill?
The Escrow Company/Mortgage Company receives this information electronically from the Tax Collector. However, you should always check to be sure they have, in fact, paid the taxes.

How do I change my mailing address?
You can send us a written request or you can call us and give us your new mailing address. State law requires tax bills be sent to the last known address.

If I change my address with the Town Clerk do I still have to change it with the Tax Collector?
Yes. Our computer systems do not connect or interchange information.

Can I pay ahead on my next bill?
Yes. We will accept pre-payments at any time and in any amount.

Can I make regular monthly payments?
Yes. You can send or bring in money every month or as often as you like.

Can I mail my payments?
Yes. You can mail your payment to us. If you desire a receipt, please send a self addressed stamped envelope and the entire bill. This will help us to economize. We will then send you a receipted copy for your records.

What happens if the bank returns my check?
There is a $31.50 returned check fee. See the Strafford Returned Check Policy: click here for policy

May I pay my taxes with a credit or debit card?
Yes. You may pay by personal check, bank check, money order, debit or credit card. You may in person at the Town Hall or on-line.

  • When you pay with your checking account on-line, you will need your routing and account numbers.
  • We accept Master Card, VISA, Discover and American Express at the Tax Collector’s Office and On-line.

IMPORTANT: There are additional fees associated with using credit cards at the Town Hall and online. Please read and understand all instructions, details and additional charges before using your credit card.

When does my account start to accrue interest?
The interest accrues at 8% annually, and it begins the day after the due date noted on your tax bill.

If I’m behind in my taxes (or if there is a lien on my property), can I make partial payments?
Yes. Taxpayers are encouraged to make payments in any amount.

What is the interest rate if a lien is put on my property?
The interest rate is 14% APR for a property tax lien.

If there is a lien put on my property, how long do I have before further action is taken by the Town?
Taxpayers have two years from the date the lien is executed to pay in full the tax, interest, and costs, prior to the Tax Collector deeding the property to the Town. A series of mail notifications are sent to the homeowner’s last known address as part of the deeding process.

Are there any exemptions or credits?
Yes. Strafford offers veteran’s tax credits, as well as tax exemptions for the elderly and disabled. Please call the Selectmen’s Office for further information.

I recently purchased my property in Strafford. How long before tax bills are sent in my name?
The Town of Strafford sends bills to the owner of record. The Strafford Country Registry of Deeds generally takes four to six weeks to record a new deed. The Town is notified of a change in ownership once the deed is recorded.

If you still have questions, please contact the Strafford Tax Collector’s Office at (603) 664-2192 ext.103 OR by email at taxcollector@strafford.nh.gov.