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Moved From Out of State

Town Clerk, Uncategorized

Welcome to Strafford!

Proof of residency is required for new residents to title and/or register vehicles in Strafford. This is done IN PERSON at the Town Clerk’s Office. You will need proof of identity such as a driver’s license and one proof of residency.

Acceptable Proofs of Residency:

Lease/rental agreement or property deed
Signed statement from property owner
Tax bill
Paycheck stub
Bank Statement
Utility or Insurance Bill
Voter Registration

If you have moved from another state you will need to title and register your vehicles in New Hampshire. Bring the out of state title(s) and registrations. If a lienholder has the title then bring the lienholder information. All vehicle owners listed on the title must be present.

The State of NH requires that vehicles are titled and registered within 60 days of establishing residency. You do not need a New Hampshire Driver’s License to complete this process. A Record Change Request form will be filled out with the Town Clerk.

Record Change Request form HERE

Information on applying for a NH Driver’s License HERE